Move In / Move Out

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Move In / Move Out Cleaning

This is an in depth cleaning of your home to make it move in or move out ready. This is an ideal cleaning for anyone looking to impress their landlord when they leave their unit or to start your homeowner experience the right way. Hire us to clean your apartment after you’ve packed up or to offer it a radical once-over before you move in. Contact us today!

Move in cleaning Martha’s Vineyard

Homes should be empty before your cleaners arrive. it is a safety hazard for us to clean while you are still packing or moving things out! We also recommend returning to try to do a walk-through of the house together with your landlord an equivalent day or within 24 hours from once we finish. This manner you’ll allow us to know if we missed anything. We’ll come and clean at no extra charge as long as you allow us to know of any issues within the 24-hour warranty period.

Please note: We don’t guarantee you’ll get your deposit back from your landlord. There are tons of other factors landlords consider outside of just cleaning. But we promise to make cleaning your home the easy part.

Move out cleaning in Martha’s Vineyard

We are equipped to clean almost everything during a move out cleaning. In order to keep you the homeowner happy, we want to be upfront about some of our limitations. For move out cleanings we can’t:

  • move any large appliances (fridge, stove, laundry machines, etc) to clean around, behind, or under them. We’ll clean the highest points and sides if we can reach those surfaces safely.
  • Refrigerator drip pans
  • Exterior windows
  • Mini-blinds can only be lightly dusted thanks to their delicate nature.
  • Curtains. These are better washed within the laundry machine or dry-cleaned.
  • Shower liners.
  • Mold or mildew stains. you’ll be wanting a mold remediation specialist for this.
  • Large trash removal. we will pack up small debris.